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ALL Fields Closed for Winter

The spring registration is now open for all 2020 leagues. If you were on a team last year please register again.  Last year's teams are on the registration page.  If your team name has changed please register under last year's team name and let us know the new name of your team.   




If you are a new team wanting to join the league, please register your team by clicking on the registration button to the right and selec "I have a team, please contact me" an we will email you to set up your team.   


Individual Players


Please register by clicking on the registration button to the right and select "individual, please find me a team" and we will email you with details..



updated 1/20/2020

2019 CoEd Teams

2019  Mens Teams

NEW 2020 Teams!


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Tropic Thunder

Bobovsky Concrete

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330 Creations

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Prestige Worldwide

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Loose Rack

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All games are played at McCune fields in Canfield.  Games start at 9:00 on Sunday and play into the afternoon.  Each team plays each other twice during the regular season followed by a double elimination playoff to determine the champion. 

Coed teams must field 4 females to start the game and the batting order must separate male batters with females (boy, girl, boy, girl etc.)  If there are less than 4 girls at the start of the game the place in the batting order of the girl is an automatic out.  Please review the rules for additional details.  

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Carona Virus Update

MVSN will follow the guidance of The State of Ohio school closing as well as groups gathering of 100 or more people.  If you are enrolled check your email or this site for further updates.  We do NOT anticipate any delays in opening day but we are taking steps to keep everyone safe so we can all have a great season when this is over.


Fall Coed Ball Begins Mid August at McCune Softball Fields.


Fall Tournament will begin in Mid September. Check back for more details.  
Coed Schedule
Mens Schedule

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