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Steve Denney
Mar 19, 2018
In Hockey Forum
Hi Everyone, This is just a proposal of what we can do going into the fall season this year. It is based on a system I played in at Hess years ago. I think it keeps things fair, protects the guys that you like to play with, and provides varying competition across the board. The Draft: Captains can protect up to 10 players from the draft for your roster. If you protect less, you pick earlier in the draft. Example: Team 1 has 10 players, team 2 has 8. Team 2 would pick in round 1 and 2 while team 10’s first pick would be round 3. Teams continue to pick until roster number has been reached (TBD by number of total players). The season: First session- everybody plays everyone. No A & B division. I believe this will provide some variety in competition. Yes, there will be some lopsided games I’m sure but it will all even out next session... Second session- Teams are split into 2 divisions A & B according to record. A only plays A and B teams only play B. Playoffs and championship will be by division. One other rule: Your team is your team, once protected/picked, no team jumping all year. Unless the commissioner authorizes a trade or for whatever reason he needs to add or reassign a player. This may seem strange to some of you but in bigger leagues, in Columbus for example, you get issued ID cards to track this. It just keeps it fair for everyone. I welcome any comments or criticism. But I really believe this system will make for a great league. Steve Denney Village Pump Hockey

Steve Denney

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