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2023 Standings 

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Coed Playoffs start this Sunday 7-30-2023. 


The 6th seed team in Divison 1 will be determined after the 9:00 makeup game and the playoffs will begin at 10:15 (see playoff schedule).  The current 7th seeded team in Division 1 (Field 2) may make the playoffs depending on the outcome AND score of the makeup game at 9:00.  If the point differential is tied after the end of the makeup game, a sudden death playoff will be played between seed 6 and 7.  The game will be a series of 1 inning games with the winner being determined by score after the end of the inning.  If "team 1" is winning after the end of the first inning, they are the sixth seed; if score is tied we move to another inning.  Each batter gets three pitches and either hits, strikes out or walks.  Batter starts with a 1:1 count as we did all season. 


 Divison 2 playoffs will begin at 9:00 and the seeds are set.

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